If Your Tree Is Looking a Little Shaggy

Clean it up by scheduling tree trimming services in Claremont, NC

No one wants to have overgrown trees that look like they're straight out of a horror film. Keep your trees trim and looking their best with the help of J.E.'s Excavation, Clearing and Tree Work. We provide residential and commercial tree trimming and tree pruning services in Claremont, NC and the surrounding area.

Our team has the equipment, know-how and moxie to tackle trees of all sizes. Call 828-514-3541 right now to get a free estimate on your job.

Why should you bother getting your trees trimmed?

J.E.'s Excavation, Clearing and Tree Work will keep your trees looking great year after year. Scheduling annual tree trimming and tree pruning services will:

  • Keep your trees looking their best and not like some giant chia pet
  • Remove dead or diseased limbs that could affect the rest of the tree
  • Give you a better view of your yard (nobody wants to stare at tree limbs from their bedroom window)
Our team will also remove limbs and branches if they're scraping against your window. Contact us today to get the tree care services you need.